Description of Positions Available


Social Worker (BSW)
Senior Social Worker (MSW)

We Need Caring Social Workers Like You..

DHR needs social workers for areas all over Alabama. These positions are classified as Social Worker and Senior Social Worker. DHR social workers assess child abuse and neglect. DHR social workers develop social service plans for children who are at risk of abuse or neglect, children living in foster care, and children who are awaiting adoption. DHR social workers assess the need and delivery of social services, provide immediate crisis intervention, and arrange needed services. DHR social workers also prepare written reports and assessments about their work.
The State of Alabama Department of Human Resources employs social work staff for all 67 counties. (See map of counties) Each county provides the following services that include social work employees.

Child Abuse & Neglect Assessment

Child abuse and neglect (CA/N) assessment social workers interview children who may have experienced abuse or neglect. CA/N assessment social workers also interview parents, caregivers, professionals, and others who are concerned with the treatment of the child. In accordance with Alabama policy, the social worker and CA/N assessment supervisor determine the validity of the child abuse/neglect report.

Foster Care

Currently in Alabama, there are over five thousand children in foster care. Some need foster care for a matter of days. Others may need foster care until they are reunited with their biological family or a plan is made for them to be adopted. All of these children share the need for a caring and committed family that can bring them the future they deserve. DHR Foster Care Social Workers facilitate plans to achieve permanency for children living in foster care. Permanency is achieved when a child has a safe home environment in which to grow to adulthood. This home environment can be achieved through reunification with the child’s family or adoption. Foster care social workers also help to prepare teenagers in foster care for living independently as an adult.

Ongoing Services

Social workers in the area of protective services assist families who are at risk of abusing or neglecting their children. Social workers in protective services partner with the family, the family’s support network, and community service providers to identify strengths and needs of the family and alleviate concerns regarding the children’s safety.


Social workers specializing in the area of resources are responsible for the recruitment, preparation and approval of foster and adoptive parents. Resource social workers also work in conjunction with attorneys and judges to finalize the legal aspects of adoption.